AP US History Notes

AP US History Notes

Check the listing below for the best AP US History notes that are available online.

American Pageant Outlines

WikiNotes has very thorough APUSH outlines for each chapter of The American Pageant textbooks. Simply pick your version of the textbook to get started.

Giant APUSH Review

This 76 page set of review notes contains all the key points and concepts you need to know for the exam! Another excellent resource to check out.

Alan Brinkley Chapter Outlines

These chapter outlines and notes for Alan Brinkley’s American History: A Survey offer an excellent review! If you’re looking to brush up on a specific chapter, this is for you.

Cram Packet

This official AP U.S. History Cram Packet by Renata Melamud is absolutely amazing! A total of 19 pages jammed with every key fact that you need to know.

AP U.S. History Test Review

This 29 page APUSH review packet is organized by chapter, and provides a great overview of the course. Covers things to know, key terms & concepts, and important definitions.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers videos and practice material for each time period in the APUSH curriculum. An excellent way to learn and practice the course content!

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