AP English Language Practice Exams

AP English Language Practice Exams

We have links to all of the online AP English Language & Composition practice exams. This is the best way to prepare for your AP Lang exam. Choose from the list below to get started on your test prep right now!

AP Lang Multiple Choice Practice

High School Test Prep has four great interactive practice tests with some challenging AP English multiple choice questions. Includes answers and detailed explanations.

English Language 2001 Exam

This PDF practice exam is perfect for practicing your AP English Language and Composition multiple choice. A total of 5 passages and 49 questions.

Varsity Tutors

A total of 435 practice question flashcards with thorough explanations for each answer. They are organized by topic, so you can practice with the whole set or narrow your review down to a specific subtopic.

Sample Questions

The official College Board course description includes 50 excellent multiple choice sample questions with answers. These can be found on pages 47 to 63.

ALBERT AP English Language

Interactive practice tests with over 500 AP English Language & Composition multiple choice questions. Great for your test prep and review. It does require registration.

MyMaxScore Practice Exam

This is another PDF practice test that has an answer key along with very detailed explanations.

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