AP Chemistry Practice Exams

AP Chemistry Practice Exams

Here’s a rundown of all of the AP Chemistry practice exams that are available online. Working through practice questions if the best way to prepare for your exams. Get started on your AP Chem test prep right now!

ALBERT’s Chemistry

Hundreds of high quality AP Chem questions organized around the 6 big ideas from the updated curriculum. Most of their content is free, but you need to subscribe for full access.

Barron’s Test

Barron’s has published a free online AP Chemistry practice exam. Includes multiple choice along with free response questions. This is a full-length test with some great questions.

Science Geek Interactive Review Activities

This is a huge collection of practice quizzes including chapter review questions and many tests on many specific topics. This is an amazing resource, and it has been updated for the new test.

Adrian Dingle’s Chemistry Pages

. Tons of AP chemistry multiple choice quizzes, organized by topic. Interactive tests with answers and explanations.

Sample Multiple Choice

The AP Chemistry Course Description packet has 26 practice questions starting on page 117.

Zumdahl Chemistry Textbook

This is the student companion site for the 8th edition of the popular Chemistry text by Zumdahl. Great interactive quizzes for each chapter. Just select the chapter/topic and click on Tutorial Quiz.

Textbook Tests

The student site for the 9th edition of Chemistry: The Central Science by Brown. Choose your topic from the list of chapters and then click on “Problem Solving Center” to get to the quiz questions.

Varsity Tutors

This site has an excellent selection of over 900 free AP Chemistry flashcards.

Released Exam 1999

This is the actual AP Chemistry tests from 1999 that have been released by the College Board. Not as useful now that the test has been revised.

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