AP U.S. History

If you’re looking for AP U.S. History practice tests, then you’ve come to the right place! We have a huge directory of the highest quality free online resources for your APUSH review. Our focus is identifying the best APUSH practice exams available, and providing links with descriptions. We also have AP U.S History notes, quizzes, DBQ questions, outlines, and study guides.

AP U.S. History Practice Tests

Official Practice Test. The is the official 2017 AP U.S. History practice test. It includes 55 multiple choice practice questions along with 4 short answer questions, 1 DBQ, and 2 long essay questions. Start your test prep with this one!

APUSH Practice Test. High School Test Prep has 9 AP US History practice tests organized by time period. These multiple choice questions are in the updated format that matches the new curriculum. Another great resource!

Barron’s Test. A full length APUSH practice test published by Barron’s. This is a free online test that includes not only the multiple choice section, but also the short answer questions, the DBQ, and the essay.

US History Quiz. This site has lots of great American history quizzes. Quizzes on African-American history, women’s history, labor history, Presidents, US wars, and landmark Supreme Court cases.

APUSH Review Flashcards & Key Terms & Entire Course Vocabulary. Each of these 3 sets of AP U.S. History flash cards from Quizlet has about 600 terms to review.

American History Online Learning Center. Chapter tests for Brinkley’s American History: A Survey (13th Edition). A multiple-choice test and a true-false quiz for each of the 32 chapters. These are great interactive quizzes for test prep. Simply select a chapter from the menu to get started.

American History AP Quizzes. The Historyteacher.net website has over 100 AP U.S. History quizzes with over 1200 total questions. Choose the quiz you want by topic.

ACE Practice Test. Official ACE practice tests for each chapter of The America Pageant. There is a free true/false quiz for each of the 42 chapters in the book.

AP U.S. History Outlines

WikiNotes American Pageant. This site has very thorough APUSH outlines for The American Pageant textbooks.

Study Guide Notes. Outline of each chapter of the American Pageant (13th Edition) text.

Outline for Brinkley’s American History. AP U.S. History notes and outlines for the textbook American History: A Survey by Alan Brinkley.

AP U.S History Notes & Exam Prep

AP Class Notes. A huge set of APUSH notes from AP Class Notes. Lots of detailed information here.

Cram Packet. The official AP U.S. History Cram Packet by Renata Melamud is absolutely amazing! A total of 19 pages jammed with ever key fact that you need to know. These AP U.S. History notes are perfect for that last minute review.

Final Exam Review Videos. Two great APUSH review videos from Adam Norris that are updated for the new curriculum. At 40 minutes each, they are definitely worth watching.

AP U.S. History Test Review. Another great APUSH review packet.

Gant AHAP Review. A 76 page set of review notes.

Gilder Lehrman Videos. Review videos for each unit of the course.

Khan Academy. The Khan Academy offers videos for each time period in the APUSH curriculum as well as coverage of history skills and test-taking strategies.

AP U.S. History DBQ & Free Response

Prior Year Free Response. These are the actual free response questions from 2015, 2016, and 2017. These are the first 3 years of the revised exam.

DBQ Video and Long Essay Video and Short Answer Video. These short videos from JoczProductions do an amazing job explaining the free response questions while providing useful strategies for success.

Thesis Statement and Golden Rules. A 4-page guide to writing historical essays. Excellent guidelines for your thesis statement along with 20 more tips and key terms.

APUSH Thesis Statements and US History Writing. Two more great guides for writing your essay questions and your AP U.S. History DBQ. Be sure to check out the Ten Commandments of Good Historical Writing.

More Thesis Tips. These 23 slides are great for learning more about thesis statements.

Highest-Rated AP U.S. History Study Guides

Cracking the AP U.S. History Exam, 2018 Premium Edition. This AP U.S. History study guide from Princeton Review is has also been updated for the 2015 exam. It includes practice drills for every content review for every content review chapter and an in-depth review of key terms and concepts. The section on the FRQ and DBQ are especially helpful. Also includes 5 full-length practice exams with detailed explanations!

AP US History Crash Course. Larry Krieger’s Crash Course guide has always been the most concise study guide. His targeted review overs only the most likely topics to appear on the test. Also includes testing strategies and an online practice exam.

About the Exam

This AP test covers American history from 1491 to the present. It is designed to be the equivalent of a two-semester introductory college course.

The AP United States History Exam format is:

Section 1
Part A (55 minutes, 40% of grade)
55 Multiple-choice questions

Part B (50 minutes, 20% of grade)
4 Short-answer questions

Section 2
Part A (55 minutes, 25% of grade)
1 Document-based question

Part B (35 minutes, 15% of grade)
1 Long essay question (chosen from 2 options)

The multiple choice questions will be in sets which contain between 2 and 5 questions. Each of the sets will include stimulus material consisting of a primary or secondary source. This might include a chart, graph, text, map, or image. To answer the questions you will need to use the stimulus material along with your historical knowledge.

The short answer questions will present source material as well. This may include a historian’s argument, a primary source, data, or maps. You will need to provide and analyze examples of historical evidence that are relevant to this source material.

The document based question requires you to formulate a thesis and support it with evidence. A wide variety of documents are provided. You will need to analyze and synthesize this historical data.

With the long essay question you will also need to develop a thesis or argument, which you support with specific historical evidence. There will be two questions, and you get to pick the one that you would like to answer.

When is the AP U.S. History Exam?

The AP U.S. History Exam date for the 2017/2018 school year is Friday, May 11th 2018 at 8 a.m. The APUSH test is only offered once per year.