AP World History Practice Exams

AP World History Practice Exams

See our listing below of all the the online AP World History practice exams. Each of these sites has dozens of free multiple choice practice questions. Start your test prep now!

Official 2017 Practice Test

The official full-length practice test published by the College Board. Includes 2017 multiple choice questions along with a complete set of free response questions: Short answers, long essays, and a DBQ. Definitely review this test!

Global Studies Review Quizzes

Huge collection of multiple choice quizzes categorized by region and topic. A good way to review basic facts about world history. Close to 500 questions in all!

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy features dozens of world history multiple choice questions. They are organized by time period, and you can keep trying until you get the right answer.

Full Practice Test

A complete practice test in PDF format. This has not been updated for the revised exam, but is still a good review.

ACE Practice Tests

Practice testing site for The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History textbook. There are about 30 questions for each of the 34 textbook chapters. This is an excellent interactive exam and great for reviewing specific topics.

World History Textbook

Quizzes from World History by Duiker and Spielvogel. You do not need to sign in, just pick a chapter from the drop-down menu and then click on “Tutorial Quiz.”

More Textbook Resources

The student center for Traditions & Encounters has AP World History multiple choice questions and chapter outlines. Pick a chapter and then you will see the resources available.

Albert’s AP World History

Fully updated for the revised exam. Over 1,000 AP World History multiple choice practice questions, organized by topic and difficulty level.

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