AP Comparative Government Practice Exams

AP Comparative Government Exams

Below you will find our comprehensive list of AP Comparative Government practice exams. Each of these sites has dozens of free multiple choice practice questions. Click below to get started with your test prep right now!

Essential Terms

This Quizlet set has 173 cards which cover all of the essential vocabulary terms from the AP Comparative Government course.

Midterm Review

Over 100 Quizlet flashcards that are designed as a midterm review. Covers the people, terms, and concepts that you must know.

Final Exam Prep

An awesome set of 197 AP Comparative Government flashcards from Quizlet. A great way to review your knowledge of political theory.

Final Exam Set #1

Another set of AP Comparative vocab from Quizlet. You can review these terms as flashcards, online quizzes, or in a matching game.

Final Exam Set #2

One more set of terms to review before your final exam. Includes a total of 65 flashcards with detailed definitions for each term.

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