AP Government Practice Exams

AP Government Practice Exams

We have links to all of the online AP US Government & Politics practice exams. There are a lot of challenging tests available. Start your test prep right now!

Practice Questions

Albert has hundreds of AP Government practice questions that are great for your exam review. Also some fun features like a leaderboard for the students with the most correct answers.

1999 Released Exam

This is the actual AP U.S. Government & Politics exam that was given in 1999. This was released by the College Board to help students with their test prep. It is very important to try at least 1 official practice exam to see exactly what the questions and format are like.

US Government Quiz

This site has lots of challenging review quizzes. Great for learning landmark supreme court cases, constitutional amendments, vocabulary terms, and more.

Barron’s Test

A full-length AP Government practice test. This online test has multiple choice as well as free response questions.

Textbook Practice Tests

This is the ACE practice test site for the 9th edition of American Government by Wilson and Dilulio. An interactive test for each of the 22 chapters. You can also get a complete outline of each chapter by clicking on “study outline”.

My Max Score

This AP Government practice test is just like the real thing, with 60 multiple choice questions and 4 free response questions. The explanations are extremely thorough.

AP Government Practice Test

This AP Government multiple choice test is perfect for exam review. Scoring is provided along with explanations for each answer.

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