AP Physics 2 Practice Exams

AP Physics 2 Practice Exams

Here are all of the best online AP Physics 2 practice exams. Each of these websites features dozens of free multiple choice practice questions. Review your options and get started with your test prep!

ALBERT AP Physics 2

ALBERT has a large assortment of challenging questions which have been fully updated to reflect the latest curriculum. You do need to register to access these questions.

Sample Questions

The new course description from the College Board includes a short AP Physics 2 practice exam. It includes 25 multiple choice questions along with a set of free response questions.


Varsity Tutors has a huge collection of AP Physics 2 multiple choice questions. They have a total of 769 questions to choose from. You can review with the whole set, or just a specific topic.

Test Reviews

This website has 10 AP Physics 2 multiple choice quizzes. There are hundreds of questions along with an answers page for each unit that provides the solution.

Problem Sets

The APlus Physics website has 7 PDF problem sets that are organized by topic. There are a variety of difficulty levels and detailed solutions are provided.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy has a huge collection of videos and practice problems. This is an excellent way to review topics and then test your comprehension.

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