AP Microeconomics Practice Exams

AP Micro Practice Exams

We have links to all of the online AP Microeconomics practice exams. There are a lot of challenging tests available. Start your test prep right now!

ALBERT AP Microeconomics Questions

One of the best collections of AP Microeconomics practice tests that’s available. Great practice questions that are organized by topic.

College Board 2012 Exam

Be sure to review this official practice exam from the College Board. Working through this is a great way to prep for your exam. Includes AP Micro multiple choice and free response.

Varsity Tutors

An excellent collection of AP Microeconomics multiple choice questions. A total of 130 questions to choose from.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy has a complete online course. Each unit features dozens of practice questions. Highly recommended!

Exam Prep Flashcards

These AP Micro flashcards from Quizlet include several hundred vocabulary terms. Multiple review options including as cards, a test, or a matching game.

Mankiw’s Principles of Microeconomics

AP Microeconomics multiple choice questions for Principles of Microeconomics. Select a chapter and then click “Tutorial Quiz”. An excellent review.

Textbook Quizzes

Excellent online chapter tests for the 19th edition of Economics by McConnell, Brue, and Flynn. Choose a chapter and click on “quiz”. Here is the Table of Contents.

Principles of Micro Chapter Tests

Practice tests for Taylor’s Principles of Microeconomics. Select a chapter and then click on “Interactive Quiz”.

Terms Flashcards

These flashcards cover 154 important AP Micro vocabulary terms. A fun and easy way to learn this essential information.

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