AP Environmental Science Practice Exams

AP Environmental Science Practice Exams

Here are all of the best online AP Environmental Science practice exams. Each of these websites features dozens of free multiple choice practice questions. Review your options and get started with your test prep right now!

Released Exam 1998

This is the actual 1998 exam which was released by the College Board. Includes AP Environmental Science multiple choice practice questions as well as free response. A great way to prepare for your AP exam.

AP Environmental Science Practice Exam

This is a fantastic series of interactive tests that are organized by topic. Includes detailed explanations for each answer. Be sure to try these!

Barron’s Test

A complete online APES practice test. Includes the multiple choice section along with free response questions. Lots of challenging questions!

Exam Review Flashcards

These flashcards from Quizlet cover 271 terms and include images to help explain the terms. You can review these as regular flashcard, practice questions, or as a matching game.

Vocabulary Flashcards

Great sets of AP Environmental Science flashcards with hundreds of terms to practice.

Textbook Quizzes

This is the student companion site for Botkin and Keller’s Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet. Great interactive practice quizzes for all 24 chapters. Select a chapter from the menu to get started.

Living in the Environment Chapter Tests

Chapter review tests for the Living in the Environment: Principles, Connections, and Solutions textbook. Includes 15-20 questions for each of the 25 chapters in the book.

More Textbook Resources

The student center for Cunningham’s Environmental Science: A Global Concern has practice tests and flashcards for each of the 25 chapters.

Chapter Quizzes

Chapter quizzes for Environment: The Science Behind the Stories by Withgott and Brennan. Select a chapter, click on go, and then click on Post-Lecture Quiz.

More Chapter Quizzes

From the student companion website for Environmental Science: Towards a Sustainable Future by Wright and Boorse.

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