AP Statistics Practice Exams

AP Statistics Practice Exams

Check out our listing of all the best AP Statistics practice exams. Each of these free online resources includes dozens of AP Stats multiple choice practice questions, and several have free response questions as well. Start your test prep right now!

Varsity Tutors

Over 300 AP Statistics flashcards with multiple choice questions. These are divided up by topic and so you can choose to go through all cards or narrow down to a specific unit.

Official 2012 Practice Exam

This is the official AP Statistics practice test from the College Board. It’s a full-length exam with multiple choice and free response questions.

1997 Released Exam

This test was given in 1997 and has been released for students to review. If you’re looking for a great AP Statistics practice test, then be sure to give this one a try.

AP Stats Exam from Kansas State

The Kansas State University Math Department has published this awesome practice exam. When you are ready to grade your test you can find the answer key here.

Chapter Tests

Dan Shuster has 12 amazing chapter tests to choose from. Each chapter has a set of online multiple choice questions and a PDF with free response questions. Don’t skip this one!

Stat Trek Practice Exam

A great sample test complete with 40 multiple choice questions. Interactive with nice explanations for each question.

ALBERT’s AP Statistics

Hundreds of practice questions organized in parallel with the College Board’s curriculum guide. Most of the questions are free, but you need to subscribe to get access to all of them.

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