AP Chemistry Notes

AP Chemistry Notes

Below you will find some amazing AP Chemistry notes! There are great for exam prep or to supplement your own class notes.

Stephen Akiki’s Notes

A complete set of AP Chemistry notes. This 45 page PDF covers the entire course. Very thorough and detailed notes!

PowerPoint Notes

Nice collection of PowerPoint AP Chem notes from ScienceGeek. They also have HTML versions that you can view online, so you don’t need PowerPoint to view these.

Chemmybear Study Cards

An excellent set of study cards that can be printed out on either side of heavy-weight paper. Great information on all topics.

Chapter Notes

These are the PDF chapter notes for Zumdahl’s Chemistry textbook. A concise outline of each of the 22 chapters.

Quick Review

Amazing 17-page cram packet for your last minute test prep. Includes charts, graphs, tables, formulas, and all the key facts that you need to know. Definitely check this out.

Study Guide

This free AP Chem study guide covers the entire course in 20 pages. Lots of important information here.

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