AP Chemistry Free Response Questions

AP Chemistry Free Response

There are some great online resources available for AP Chemistry free response questions. Check out prior year questions and get tips and strategies for this portion of the exam.

Prior Year Questions

Here are all the actual AP Chemistry free response questions from the 2014 through 2018 exams. Also includes scoring guidelines and sample responses.

Course Description Questions

For more sample free response questions based on the revised exam check out page 136 of the AP Chem course description. These were published by the College Board.

Exam Tips

Fantastic hints, tips, and strategies for AP Chemistry free response questions as well as the multiple choice section of the test. Very important to know this information!

Video Solutions to 2018 FRQs

A series of 7 videos from Paul Groves where he works through each of the 2018 questions. A great way to learn about what is expected on the FRQ section of the exam.

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