AP World History Notes

AP World History Notes

These sets of AP World History notes are awesome. Use them for exam prep or just as a supplement to your textbook.


A fantastic set of AP World History notes from Mr. Henderson’s History Haven! Grouped together by time period and key concepts from the new AP curriculum.

Review Packet

Great summaries of all the key material. These PDF notes are great for your final exam review. Just don’t wait until the last minute since it includes 118 pages crammed with information.

Stearns Chapter Notes

Mr. Burnett’s World History site has AP World History outlines for the World Civilizations textbook (Microsoft Word format). A great way to supplement your class notes.

Map Review

A great collection of period maps showing global trade routes, exploration, colonization, religion, and much more. Organized by time period for easy reference.

The Super PowerPoint

This online slide presentation summarizes the entire course with 130 concise pages. Filled with maps, pictures, and bullet points listing the key concepts.

Mrs. Osborn’s Exam Review

A huge directory of APWH resources. If you want to go straight to her cram packets:

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