AP Statistics Videos

AP Statistics Videos

There are many excellent AP Statistics videos, tutorials, and online classes available. You can use these to review challenging topics and to prepare for your exams. Try not to wait until the last minute!

Stat Trek Tutorial

A fantastic online tutorial that covers all the key topics from Advanced Placement stats. Each lesson includes detailed notes, an explanatory video, and a review question.

Khan Academy

Free videos providing comprehensive review of all major AP Statistics topics. An incredible resource that teaches the material thoroughly and provides practice questions as well.


This interactive multimedia textbook by David Lane is a great resource. Just click on a topic to get started. You can also download the whole book as a PDF.


Another online textbook with lecture videos and practice questions. Very useful for reviewing specific topics and concepts from the course.

Tarrou’s Chalk Talk

A total of 79 AP Statistics videos from ProfRobBob. Each video is about 10 to 15 minutes long, and explains the material in a clear and understandable manner.

Last Minute Exam Review

In this AP Stats video Daren Starnes and Josh Tabor cover their top 10 tips for the exam. A solid review that is about 82 minutes long. It’s definitely worth your time.

AP Stats Videos

Awesome collection of statistics videos by Arnold Kling. If there’s a topic you are having trouble with, this is a great way to review it again.

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