AP Statistics Study Guides

AP Statistics Study Guides

Having the right study material makes a big difference when preparing for classroom tests as well as your AP Exam. These are the best AP Statistics study guides that you can buy.

Barron’s AP Statistics

Barron’s has consistently published the top-rated AP Stats study guide. This is their latest edition and it features an updated 15-chapter subject review. The book has numerous examples and explains key concepts very well. It also contains 7 full-length practice exams!

Ultimate AP Stats Practice Book

This may be the coolest AP study guide ever printed. Includes 100 practice questions covering all of the topics in this course. After working through each question you can then watch the complete solution on YouTube.

Cracking the AP Statistics Exam

This book from The Princeton Review is the second best option. It clearly covers every concept from the course and has review questions after each chapter. Also includes targeted test-taking tips and 2 full-length practice exams.

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