AP Physics C Notes

AP Physics C Notes

These links will take you to the best AP Physics C notes. Includes notes for Mechanics as well as Electricity & Magnetism.

Complete Notes

An awesome set of AP Physics C notes: Vectors, Kinematics, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Work & Energy, Momentum, Gravity, Torque, Oscillations/Springs, Fluids, and Electricity.

PDF Notes

These AP Physics notes are amazing! All Physics C topics are covered in detail in this PDF file.

PowerPoint Notes

Nice set of PowerPoint notes covering 30 topics. Includes formulas and diagrams.

Mechanics Review

A great AP Physics C cram packet mechanics review. Nine pages full of great information for your final exam review. Includes equations and diagrams.

Equations for E&M

Equation review sheets covering electricity and magnetism. A nice final exam review.

Equations for Mechanics

Equation review sheets covering mechanics. Another useful study packet.

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