AP Physics C

Welcome to our comprehensive AP Physics C practice test directory. This includes Electricity & Magnetism and Mechanics. We have links to the best sites that will help you ace your physics C exam. Whether you are looking for help with AP Physics C free response, multiple choice, physics notes, or study guides, we have all the best free information right here.

AP Physics C Practice Exams

Mechanics 2012 Practice Exam. This is the official practice exam from the College Board. Includes 2012 multiple choice and free response questions.

Electricity & Magnetism Practice Exam. This is the official practice exam from the College Board. Includes 2012 multiple choice and free response questions.

Mechanics Released Exam and Electricity & Magnetism Released Exam. These are the actual AP tests from 1998. Flipping Physics has detailed video solutions to the entire 1988 exam.

Fall Final Review. Here’s a 57 question AP Physics C multiple choice test with answers from Planet Holloway. This site also has some good chapter tests.

Problem Sets. A total of 14 Mechanics problem sets from Pysh’s Physics.

Free Test Online. This site has quite a few practice questions.

Varsity Tutors Mechanics Flashcards and E&M Flashcards. Another site with a lot of free practice problems.

AP Physics C Free-Response

Mechanics Previous Questions and E&M Previous Questions. The College Board has published all the AP Physics C free response questions from 1999 to 2017. They have all the questions, scoring guidelines, sample responses, and score distributions.

Exam Prep Guide. This guide from Dolores Gende is full of tip and strategies, and has some great advice for the free response section.

Video Tips. Eight AP Physics free response tips from Flipping Physics.

AP Physics C Notes

Complete Notes. An awesome set of AP Physics C notes covering Vectors, Kinematics, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Work & Energy, Momentum, Gravity, Torque, Oscillations – Springs, Fluids, and Electricity – Static.

PDF Notes. These AP Physics notes are amazing! All Physics C topics are covered in detail in this PDF file.

PowerPoint Notes. Nice set of PowerPoint notes covering 30 topics.

Electricity & Magnetism Lecture Notes. AP Physics notes for your E&M class.

Mechanics Review. A great cram packet review of mechanics for your final exam prep.

Equations for E&M and Mechanics. Equation review sheets.

AP Physics C Videos

Mechanics Review. Twelve great YouTube videos from Flipping Physics that review the entire Physics C Mechanics curriculum.

Electricity & Magnetism Review Part 1 and Part 2. Flipping Physics video review for Electricity and Magnetism.

Learn AP Physics. A huge library of video lessons covering all the topics in Physics C.

AK Lectures. Their motto is: Difficult Concepts, Simple Explanations. Great videos for any physics topic.

Viren’s Videos. Physics C help videos that cover every topic in detail.

Highest-Rated AP Physics C Study Guides

Cracking the AP Physics C Exam, 2018 Edition. This Princeton Review AP Physics C study guide has great overviews of all the key topics, test-taking strategies, and 2 full practice exams with detailed solutions.

Barron’s AP Physics C, 4th Edition. The other good option is this review book from Barron’s. Includes a thorough review of all the material plus 2 complete practice exams.

About the Exams

Each of the AP Physics C courses equates to 1 semester of college level work. If both courses are being taught, then Mechanics is usually first. Each class must have a hands-on laboratory component, with at least 20% of instructional time spent in the lab. Students are expected to complete lab reports and keep a lab notebook. The Mechanics course covers 6 content areas and the Electricity and Magnetism course covers 5 content areas.

Mechanics Content Areas:
1.) Kinematics
2.) Newton’s laws of motion
3.) Work, energy & power
4.) Systems of particles & linear momentum
5.) Circular motion & rotation
6.) Oscillations & gravitation

Electricity and Magnetism Content Areas:
1.) Electrostatics
2.) Conductors & dielectrics
3.) Electric circuits
4.) Magnetic fields
5.) Electromagnetism

Exam Format:
Each of the Physics C exams are 90 minutes long. This time is split equally between the multiple choice free response. Each test has 35 multiple choice questions and 3 free response questions.

The AP Physics free response section includes a table of information and a table of frequently used equations. Students are expected to show their work on the FRQ’s and partial credit is awarded for partial solutions. Not showing work can result in a loss of credit, even if the answer is correct. Crossed-out work is not evaluated.

When is the AP Physics C Exam?

The AP Physics C: Mechanics exam date for the 2017/2018 school year is Monday, May 14th 2018 at 12 p.m.

The AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism exam date is Monday, May 14th 2018 at 2 p.m. These tests are offered once per year.