AP Physics 2 Free Response Questions

AP Physics 2 Free Response

Use these AP Physics 2 Free Response resources for your test prep and review. Includes prior year free response questions, video solutions, tips, strategies and more.

Prior Year Questions

These are the actual AP Physics free response questions from 2015 through 2018. Includes scoring guidelines, sample responses, and score distributions.

Sample Questions

The College Board has provided sample questions for the latest version of the AP Physics 2 free response sections. Be sure to work through these as part of your test prep.

8 General Suggestions

This Flipping Physics video provides some good FRQ tips and strategies. A short video with good advice.

FRQ Solutions 2018

In this YouTube video Dan Fullerton solves all of the 2018 AP Physics 2 free response questions. Great explanations for the FRQ portion of the exam.

FRQ Solutions 2017

More FRQ video solutions from Dan Fullerton. His free response videos cover the last few years, so just search on YouTube to find his previous ones.

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