AP Microeconomics Videos

AP Micro Videos

Below is our listing of the very best AP Microeconomics videos that are available online. Includes lecture videos covering the entire course along with exam prep videos that are great for last minute studying.

ACDC Leadership

A huge set of YouTube lecture videos from Mr. Clifford. Dozens of videos that are grouped into the 6 units of AP Micro. A great resource!

Every AP Micro Graph

In this video Jason Welker reviews 25 important AP Micro graphs in just 12 minutes. These are all the graphs you need to know for the exam, so make sure you watch this!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers online videos with clear explanations of all major AP Microeconomics topics. If you need to review a specific concept, this is a great place to start.

Online Course

This edX AP Micro online class is taught by MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber. This is a very popular and highly-rated MOOC.

30 Minute Exam Review

This video from Jacob Clifford is fantastic for your final exam review. He talks really fast, so you may want to watch it a couple of times.

Economics Classroom

Another great set of economics videos, this one from Jason Welker. An excellent teacher who explains things clearly and shows graphs and examples.

No Bull Economics

A total of 34 AP Micro videos that cover the most important concepts from the course. These videos are nice and short, just focusing on 1 topic each.

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