AP Microeconomics Study Guides

AP Micro Study Guides

All the best AP Microeconomics study guides can be found below. Purchasing a top-rated review book will help you get a better grade in your class and will be a great resource for your AP exam prep as well.

AP Microeconomics Crash Course

If you’re crunched for time, you can’t beat the Crash Course study guides. This AP Micro study guide does a great job covering all the important topics as concisely as possible. Also includes access to an online practice test.

Barron’s Micro/Macro

The Barron’s study guide is perfect if you are looking for one book that covers both Micro and Macro. Detailed topic reviews along with practice tests.

AP Micro: 5 Steps to a 5

Here’s another highly rated AP Microeconomics review book. Includes a full content review of each topic and proven strategies for each section of the test. There are 2 complete practice exams in the book and 2 more online.

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