AP Macroeconomics Notes

AP Macroeconomics Notes

There are excellent sets of AP Macro notes available online. Use these to supplement your class notes and to prepare for your tests.

Macro Textbook Notes

This is a very thorough set of AP Macro notes that covers all the major topics. It’s a PDF document with great summaries and all the important graphs. Ninety-nine pages in all.

Peggy Pride’s Notes

Another awesome set of AP Macroeconomics Notes. This is 109 pages and is based on the McConnell and Brue book.

Final Exam Review

This has four solid pages of information to learn for your exam. This is the most concise review of the key topics.

Exam Study Guide

This is an excellent AP Macro cram packet which was created by Charles Feng. It includes definitions and graphs, and at 14 pages it’s perfect for your last minute review.

Course Notes Outline

A thorough outline of Macroeconomics by McConnell & Brue. Just pick your chapter and start your review.

Review Sheets

A 6-page cheat sheet is available on Scribd.

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