AP Macroeconomics Free Response Questions

AP Macroeconomics Free Response

All the resources that you need to succeed on the AP Macro FRQ section. Be sure to review the prior year questions along with the solutions videos. This will teach you how to approach these questions.

Prior Year Questions

Includes every AP Macro free response question from 1999 to 2018. Also includes scoring guidelines and sample essays.

How to Answer Macro Question 1

This excellent video from Jason Welker provides a detailed walk through on answering your long FRQ.

How to Answer Macro Questions 2 & 3

Another awesome AP Macroeconomics free response video. Tips for your short FRQs.

FRQ Topic Analysis

The chart from ACDCecon analyzes all the frq topics from 2005 to 2017. Make sure you review this so you know which topics to spend the most time studying!

Explanation for 2018 FRQ

This walkthrough video from the Khan Academy explains the correct answer for question 3 from the 2018 exam.

Explanation for 2017 FRQ

This walkthrough video from Jacob Clifford shows how to answer the first FRQ on the 2017 AP Exam.

Explanation for 2016 FRQ

This Khan Academy video shows how to answer free response question 2 from the 2016 exam.

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