AP Human Geography Videos

AP Human Geography Videos

These AP Geography videos are probably the quickest and easiest way to prepare for your tests. There are also some great lecture videos that cover the entire course Be sure to take a look at these!

Midterm Review

A great AP Human Geography test prep video published by Jen West. It covers the whole first half of the course, touching on all the key topics.

Final Exam Review

Here’s another great YouTube video to check out. At 18 minutes long this is your best option for a last minute review before your exam.

Mr. Foti’s AP Human Geography Channel

These AP Geography videos give excellent overviews and are organized by unit/topic. A quick and easy way to get a better grade.

Andrew Patterson’s Geography Channel

Dozens of high quality videos that cover the entire course. Includes lots of maps and diagrams to help explain the concepts. A fantastic way to prepare for your exam.

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