AP Government Videos

AP Government Videos

Videos are a great way to prepare for exams and to review topics that you are uncertain about. Here are the best AP Government videos that are available on YouTube:

Cram for the Exam Videos

A great series of AP Government videos from MyCitizenU. Each of the 13 videos cover a different topic. They are very short, but still do a great job summarizing the key points.

Essential Videos

These 51 AP Gov videos from Adam Norris cover all the essential information from the course. You can use these to review any topics that you are struggling with.

Exam Review Video

An amazing video from Adam Norris that covers a vast amount of material in 52 minutes. You should definitely make this a part of the your final exam preparation.

Chapter Review Videos

These videos provide chapter summaries for the Government in America textbook. There are 13 videos in all, and they are really well done, with notes and images.

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