AP US Government Notes

AP Government Notes

Use these AP Government notes to prepare for your exam. There are several great sets of notes available.

Ethel Wood’s Notes

A fantastic set of AP Government notes covering all the major topics. Also includes multiple choice questions and answers for each unit.

Lecture Notes

These AP Government notes from the Social Studies Help Center are excellent. Scroll down the page to the “lecture notes” heading and choose from 15 topics. Important terms are also defined at the end of each topic.

Cram Sheet

A very concise cram packet at Scribd. Just two pages summarizing all of the most important concepts, and listing the terms you need to know. Great for last minute test prep!

Exam Review Packet

This AP Government cram packet is packed with 142 pages of key information, vocabulary, testing strategies, and practice questions.

Exam Review Materials

Six great unit reviews that cover all the material very thoroughly. Also be sure to check out the unit vocabulary sheets, which provide definitions for every key term. You should definitely check these out!

Samantha’s Notes

A complete set of AP Gov notes in outline format. They are organized by topic for a quick and easy review.

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