AP US Government & Politics Flashcards

AP Government Flashcards

Below are links to several excellent sets of AP US Government & Politics flashcards. The quickest and easiest way to learn these key vocabulary terms.

Quizlet Cards

Awesome set of AP Government flashcards from Quizlet. Includes 355 key terms to learn. Like all of the Quizlet cards you can also review them as a test or matching game.

Huge Flashcard Set

This is the most complete set of AP Government flashcards that is on Quizlet. Covers absolutely everything with 1,111 terms to review.

Varsity Tutors

Another huge set with over 1,000 flashcards. These are great because they are organized by topic. You can review the whole set or just a narrow category.

Review Terms

This set of 403 flashcards from Quizlet is definitely worth reviewing before your exam. Covers all the most important AP Gov vocab.

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