AP European History Notes

AP European History Notes

There are some excellent AP European History notes available online. You can use these to supplement your class notes or for your final exam review. Below we have listed all the best notes, outlines, and cram packets.

Susanna’s Giant EHAP Review

This huge set of AP Euro notes has been a popular study tool since 2004. Tons of important information packed into this 50 page PDF.

Study Guide

This is a fantastic AP European History study guide from Mr. Treadwell’s site. It’s divided into 14 topics and each section includes a timeline as well.

Western Society Outlines

A complete set of AP European History outlines for A History of Western Society by John P. McKay.

Midterm Study Guide

The ultimate mid-term review packet. Filled with 37 pages of key information that you will need to know for your exam. Be sure to take a look at this.

Coursenotes Outlines

Two great textbook outlines from Course-Notes. An outline of A History of the Modern World (9th Edition) and one for Civilization in the West (5th Edition).

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