AP European History DBQ & FRQ

AP European History DBQ & FRQ

The AP European History DBQ and free response questions are always pretty challenging. Check out our links to the prior year questions along with strategy guides for the document based question. These amazing resources can help you succeed on this part of the test!

Prior Year Questions

The College Board has posted the AP European History free response questions for 2016 to 2018. Also includes scoring guidelines and sample responses.

2017 Practice Exam

The official practice exam includes a complete set of short answer, long essay, and document based questions. Make sure you review these as part of your test prep.

Essay Writing

This is the best online guide for the AP European History free response essay questions. Lots of good DBQ advice. Be sure to read through this!

DBQ Video Tips

This 25 minute YouTube video is loaded with great advice for the AP European document based question. Kind of a funny, high-energy video, so you won’t fall asleep either.

Free Response Video Tips

This 25-minute video walks you through the AP Euro essay writing. Preparing for these free response questions is the key, so be sure to watch this video!

Essential Questions

A great list of essay questions from Mr. Treadwell at The CAVE Online.

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