AP European History

AP European History

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AP European History Exam

The AP Euro course covers European History from 1450 to the present. The course is designed to help students develop the abilities to think conceptually about history. Students must do historical reasoning and make comparisons among historical developments in different times and places. The course is structured around themes and concepts in four chronological time periods:

  • Period 1: 1450 to 1648
  • Period 2: 1648 to 1815
  • Period 3: 1815 to 1914
  • Period 4: 1914 to Present

The AP European History Exam format is:

Section I:
Part A (55 minutes, 40% of exam score)
55 Multiple-choice questions

Part B (40 minutes, 20% of exam score)
3 Short-answer questions

Section II
Part A (60 minutes, 25% of exam score)
1 Document-based question

Part B (40 minutes, 15% of exam score)
1 Long Essay question

The first two short-answer questions are required, but for the third you get to choose from two options. The 60 minutes for the DBQ includes a 15 minute reading period. The long essay question has three options, which all relate to the same theme, and you must choose one to answer.

When is the AP European History Exam?

The AP Euro exam date for the 2021–2022 school year is Friday, May 6, 2022 at 8 a.m.

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