AP English Literature Vocabulary Terms

AP English Literature Vocab

See our listing below of the best AP English Literature & Composition vocab resources. These quizzes include hundreds of terms and the PDF review sheet is great for last minute test prep.

Rhetorical Devices

This Quizlet flashcard set covers 89 terms that relate to rhetorical devices. Each card includes a related image as well, making it a bit more interesting and easier to learn. You should definitely check this one out.

All Vocabulary Terms

This set of flashcards covers just about every AP English Literature vocabulary term. A grand total of 235 terms that can be reviewed as flashcards, with an online test, or a matching game.

Terms List

The ultimate AP English Literature vocabulary list. This page PDF has hundreds of terms, which has got to be every term you will ever need to know. Be sure to review this resource as part of your final exam prep.

Mythological Allusions

These flashcards have 100 terms that relate to mythological allusions. These occur quite frequently in literature, and there is no easier way to learn them than with this online quiz.

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