AP English Literature Study Guides

AP English Literature Study Guides

Having an AP English Literature & Composition study guide can help tremendously with your class as well as with your AP exam. The ones we’ve listed below are the top-rated options. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

AP English Lit Crash Course

This book from REA is one of the best AP English Literature study guides that you can buy. Very concise summaries of all the topics, great essay writing strategies, and a full-length online practice exam. It has consistently earned a 5-star rating with lots of great reviews.

Barron’s AP English

You can’t go wrong with the Barron’s review book either. Tips for understanding poetry and prose fiction, sample essays, and 7 practice exams (including 2 online tests).

Cliff’s AP English Literature

If you’re looking for a great study guide that includes plenty of practice exams, then this Cliffs Notes book is the one to get. It has 6 full-length practice exams along with answers and explanations. Also includes a complete topic review and test-taking strategies.

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