AP English Language Vocab

AP English Language Vocab

The resources below will help you with your AP English Language vocabulary skills. There are some key terms that you really need to know for this class.

Rhetorical Devices Flashcards

This is an awesome set of AP Language flashcards with 67 vocabulary terms. The definitions are really thorough and include related images as well. It’s well worth your time and effort to review this online quiz.

English Language Glossary Flashcards

Another Quizlet set of AP Lang flashcards. There are a total of 104 terms in this one to review. As with all Quizlet sets, you can do flashcards, quizzes, matching games, and more.

Key Terms

Be sure to review these 40 AP English Language vocabulary terms! You are expected to know these terms for answering the multiple choice questions, analyzing the prose passages, and writing your essays.

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