AP Comparative Government Notes

AP Comparative Government Notes

Be sure to check out these amazing AP Comparative Government notes. You can use them to prepare for your exams and to supplement your class notes.

PowerPoint Notes

A huge set of AP Comparative Government PowerPoint notes. Several sets of intro notes followed by country-specific notes. Multiple sets for each country covering all key facts.

Study Guide

This review packet from Ethel Wood covers the whole course with a clear summary of the most important topics and concepts.

Chapter Notes

A great set of PDF slides that cover each chapter. Includes maps, charts, and tables to help teach the material.

Core Terms & Concepts

This Word doc covers the most important vocab terms for the AP Comparative Government and Politics course. A 10 page file that clearly defines dozens of concepts. Great for test prep!

Government Comparisons

This 4 page cram packet at Scribd is perfect for last minute test prep. A great overview that’s extremely concise!


Chapter and topic slides along with country-specific reviews.

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