AP Comparative Government & Politics

Our AP Comparative Government and Politics practice test directory has links to all the best free online material to help you ace your AP Comparative exam. Each available practice test is listed with a complete description. If you’re searching for information on AP Comparative Government free response, notes, quizzes, vocabulary, or multiple choice questions, our directory has it all.

AP Comparative Government Practice Exams

Textbook Quizzes. Great AP Comparative Government practice tests from the 7th Edition of Comparative Government: Domestic Responses to Global Challenges by Charles Hauss. Just pick your chapter and then click on Tutorial Quiz. You can also review flashcards and glossaries for each chapter.

More Textbook Tests. These chapter tests are from the 6th Edition of Introduction to Comparative Politics by Kesselman and Krieger. Simply pick a chapter and then click on Tutorial Quiz.

UK, Russia, China, Mexico, Iran, Nigeria. These are country-specific AP Comparative Government multiple choice questions. Click on the country you want to review. Here are the answers.

Political Theory Flashcards and Essential Terms and Midterm Review and Final 1 and Final 2. These AP Comparative Government flash cards at Quizlet are awesome. The first set has 194 cards and the second set has 174. A fast and fun way to review these important terms and concepts.

AP Comparative Government Free-Response

FRQ 1999 to 2016. The College Board has posted actual AP Comparative Government free response questions from previous exams. Includes questions and scoring guidelines along with sample responses and score distributions.

Exam Strategies. Be sure to review this before your exam. Useful tips and strategies for your free response questions and also a few tips for the multiple choice section.

Practice FRQ 1-5 and FRQ 6-10. An excellent collection of AP Comparative Government free response practice questions.

AP Comparative Notes

Wiki. This AP Comparative Government Wiki is packed with high quality notes. Thoroughly covers states, concepts, and vocab. This is a great resource for AP Comparative Government notes!

Briefing Papers. These 5 briefing papers published by the College Board in 2005 cover Democratization, Globalization, Iran, Mexico, and Nigeria.

Government Comparisons. This 4 page review at Scribd is perfect for your last minute exam review.

AP Comparative Government Vocabulary

Study Sheet. This 12 page cram packet covers every key term in the course as well as many of the most important concepts. Be sure to review this before your exam!

StudyStacks. These AP Comparative Government vocabulary flashcards cover 95 important terms and definitions.

AP Comparative Government Videos

Playlist 1. This is an awesome collection of 22 AP Comparative Government videos compiled by Dianna Pugh.

Playlist 2. A set of 16 of videos which were compiled by Jennifer Conlon.

Highest-Rated AP Comparative Government Study Guides

Barron’s AP Comparative Government & Politics. This book from Barron’s is the most up-to-date AP Comparative Government study guide that you can get. It includes a thorough content review along with 3 full-length practice exams. All questions include detailed explanations.

AP Comparative Government and Politics: An Essential Coursebook, 7th edition. This book by Ethel Wood sets the gold standard for AP study guides. It reviews all the course material in great detail with plenty of practice questions after each chapter. And it also includes 2 full length practice exams. Every edition has excellent ratings at Amazon.com.

About the Exam

The AP Comparative Government and Politics course focuses on the organization and interpretation of political processes and relationships. The governments of six specific countries are covered in detail: China, Great Britain, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, and Russia. The course is structured with six major topics:

1.) Introduction to Comparative Politics
2.) Sovereignty, Authority, & Power
3.) Political Institutions
4.) Citizens, Society, & the State
5.) Political & Economic Change
6.) Public Policy

The AP Comparative Government Exam format is:

Multiple Choice Section – 45 Minutes
55 Multiple Choice Questions

Free Response Section – 100 Minutes
5 Short-Answer Concept Questions
1 Conceptual-Analysis Question
2 Country-Concept Questions

The multiple choice and the free response sections are weighted equally in calculating your final score. Within the free response section, the short-answer concept questions are weighted at 25%, the conceptual analysis questions at 25%, and the country-concept questions at 50%.

When is the AP Comparative Government Exam?

The AP Comparative Government & Politics Exam date for the 2017/2018 school year is Thursday, May 17th 2018 at 8 a.m. Like all AP tests, it is only offered once per year.