AP Calculus BC Free Response

AP Calculus BC Free Response

Use these free online resources to prepare for the AP Calculus BC free response questions. Review the prior year questions and utilize the FRQ video solutions that we have linked below.

Prior Free Response

At the College Board website you can access the all of the prior year free response questions. You should definitely review these as part of your FRQ test prep.

2022 FRQ Solutions

This collection of videos from Tom Cochran shows the solutions for the 2022 AP Calculus BC free response. Clear solutions that are easy to understand.

2021 FRQ Solutions

More great video solutions from Mr. Cochran. In these he solves the 2021 AP Calc free response questions. Be sure to try the questions first, then watch the videos.

Sample Questions

In the back of this question packet from the College Board includes a couple of updated AP Calculus BC free response questions. Good problems for your test prep and review.

Course Description

The 2016 official course description also includes some free response practice questions. The Calc BC FRQ questions start on page 87 of this packet.

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