AP Statistics

Our AP Statistics practice test directory has links to all the best free online material that will help you ace your AP Stats exam. We have listed each practice exam along with a complete description. Whether you are looking for information on AP Statistics free response, notes, practice tests, study guides, or multiple choice questions, our directory has it all.

AP Statistics Practice Exams

Learnerator Questions.  Hundreds of practice questions organized in parallel with the College Board’s curriculum guide. Most of the questions are free, but you need to subscribe to get access to all of them.

1997 Released Exam.  This test was given in 1997 and has been released for students to review. If you’re looking for a great AP Statistics practice test, give this one a try.

Stat Trek Practice Exam.  A great sample test complete with 40 multiple choice questions. Interactive with nice explanations for each question.

Textbook Chapter Tests.  Great practice for AP statistics multiple choice. This is the student resource site for the 3rd edition of The Practice of Statistics by Yates, Moore, and Starnes. Click on the chapter you are interested in and then click “Online Quizzes” for some great interactive tests with answers and explanations. You do have to register to use this site, but it is totally free and only takes a few seconds to do.

McGraw Hill Test.  A high quality AP Statistics practice test from McGraw-Hill. Includes 25 questions along with answers and explanations.

Multiple Choice Practice.  This interactive AP Statistics practice test has 32 statistics questions.

Varsity Tutors Practice. Dozens of free AP Statistics practice tests. These practice questions are organized by topic and ranked for difficulty.

AP Statistics Free-Response

FRQ Examples.  Three free response questions for AP Stats from Free Test Online. Includes a thorough explanation for each.

Free Response 1998 to 2014.  This listing is from the College Board website and shows the actual AP Stats free response questions from previous exams. Includes sample questions and scoring guidelines.

Hints for Success.  Some great strategies and tips for the AP Statistics free response questions. You will definitely want to review this.

Exam Tips from College Board.  Advice for free response questions as well as content-specific tips.

Online Textbooks and Tutorials

Advanced Placement Statistics Tutorial.  A fantastic online tutorial that covers all the key topics from Advanced Placement stats.

OnlineStatBook.  This interactive multimedia textbook by David Lane is a great resource. You can also download the whole book as a PDF.

AP Stats Videos.  Awesome collection of statistics videos by Arnold Kling. If there’s a topic you are having trouble with, this is a great way to review it again.

SticiGui.  Another online textbook with lecture videos.

AP Statistics Notes

Mr. Holloman’s Notes.  AP Stats notes by chapter.

Lecture Notes.  Huge collection of AP Statistics notes and handouts from Arnold Kling.

Concise Notes.  This 8 page cram packet covers the key concepts with no fluff.

Formula Card.  An AP Stats forumla card in PDF format.

AP Statistics Outlines

Chapter Reviews.  Chapter summaries from Dan Shuster’s site for each of the 14 chapters of The Practice of Statistics (3rd edition).

Practice of Stats Notes.  Another set of notes for The Practice of Statistics.

Highest-Rated AP Statistics Study Guides from Amazon

Barron’s AP Statistics, 7th Edition. Barron’s has consistently published the top-rated AP Stats study guide. This is their latest edition and it features an updated 15-chapter subject review. The book has numerous examples and explains key concepts very well. It also contains a diagnostic test and 5 full-length practice exams!

Cracking the AP Statistics Exam, 2014 Edition. The Princeton Review AP Statistics study guide is the second best option. It clearly covers every concept from the course and has review questions after each chapter. Also a great walk through of the free response questions and 2 full-length practice exams.

About the Exam

The AP Stats course focuses on data collection and analysis, as well as the use of data to draw conclusions.  There are four major themes:

1.) Exploring Data
2.) Sampling and Experimentation
3.) Anticipating Patterns
4.) Statistical Inference

The AP Statistics Exam format is:
Multiple-Choice Section: 90 minutes
-40 Questions

Free-Response Section: 90 minutes
-5 Questions
-1 Investigative Task

The multiple choice and the free response sections each make up half of the final grade. The free response questions are each designed to be answered in about 12 minutes each, and the investigative task should take approximately 30 minutes. A formula sheet is provided and students are expected to have a graphing calculator with statistical capabilities.

When is the AP Statistics Exam?

The AP Statistics Exam date for the 2014/2015 school year is Wednesday, May 13th 2015 at 12 p.m. This test is offered once per year.