AP European History

This is a directory of the best free AP European History practice tests. On this page you will find a complete listing of the top tests and quizzes along with a brief description of each one. We also have links to the best online resources for AP European History notes, DBQ tips, multiple choice quizzes, free response essay questions, outlines, and study guides.

AP European History Practice Exams

Learnerator Questions.  This site has over 1,000 AP Euro questions all organized by time period and topic. Most of the questions are free, but you need to subscribe to get access to all of them.

Textbook Chapter Tests.  These are the ACE Practice Test chapter quizzes for A History of Western Society. Simply select the chapter you want and then click on “ACE The Test.” There’s an interactive quiz for each of the 31 chapters.

EHAP Quiz Page.  A great collection of multiple choice practice tests. There are 65 quizzes with over 900 total questions.

AP European History Multiple Choice.  Two practice quizzes from High School Test Prep. They are interactive with thorough explanations for the correct answers.

McGraw Hill Test.  Another great AP European History practice test. This interactive test is from McGraw Hill, based on their “5 Steps to a 5” review book.

Flashcards.  A nice set of 512 AP European History flashcards is available at Quizlet.

AP European History Notes

Susanna’s Giant EHAP Review.  This huge set of AP Euro notes has been a popular study tool since 2004. Tons of important information packed into this 50 page PDF.

AP Class Notes.  A very comprehensive set of AP European History notes for AP Euro. Twenty-Five sets of notes that are organized by topic.

European History Review.  This 64-page AP Euro cram packet is very thorough and well organized. Makes for a great study guide.

Study Guide.  This is a fantastic AP European History study guide from Mr. Treadwell’s site. It’s divided into 14 topics and each section includes a timeline as well.

Midterm Study Guide.  The ultimate mid-term review packet. Filled with 37 pages of key information that you will need to know for your exam.

AP European History Videos

Tom Richey.  Over 60 AP European History videos covering all the key topics. These lecture videos are fantastic, a great way to learn this material!

AP European History Outlines

Western Society Outlines.  A complete set of AP European History outlines for A History of Western Society by John P. McKay.

Coursenotes Outlines.  Two great textbook outlines from Course-Notes. An outline of A History of the Modern World (9th Edition) and one for Civilization in the West (5th Edition).

AP European History DBQ and Free Response

Prior Year Questions.  These are all of the AP European History free response and DBQ questions from 1999 to 2015. Also includes scoring guidelines and sample responses.

Essential Questions.  A great list of essay questions from Mr. Treadwell at The CAVE Online.

More DBQ Tips.  Here’s a great AP Euro DBQ guides that are available online. Loaded with tips and strategies for your document-based question.

Essay Writing.  This is the best online guide for the AP European History free response essay questions. Six simple steps to follow along indicators of analysis.

DBQ Video Tips and Free Response Video Tips.  Two 25-minute videos that walk you through the essay writing.

Highest-Rated AP Euro Study Guides from Amazon

AP European History Crash Course.  This is the best AP European History study guide available. Does a great job targeting the information that is tested on the exam and includes a full-length online practice exam. A perfect 5-star rating with Amazon and a very low price as well!

AP Achiever for European History.  This is the other AP Euro study guide that I would definitely recommend. Very concise summaries, great DBQ tips, and 2 complete practice exams. Rated 5-stars with tons of great reviews.

About the Exam

The AP Euro course covers European History from 1450 to the present. The course is designed to help students develop the abilities to think conceptually about history. Students must do historical reasoning and make comparisons among historical developments in different times and places. There are five themes in this course:

  • Europe and the World
  • Poverty and Prosperity
  • Objective Knowledge and Subjective Visions
  • States and Other Institutions of Power
  • Individual and Society

AP European Exam Format:

Section 1, Part A: 50 Multiple Choice questions in 55 minutes for 40% of exam score.

Section 1, Part B: 4 Short Answer questions in 50 minutes for 20% of exam score.

Section 2, Part A: 1 Document Based question in 55 minutes for 25% of exam score.

Section 2, Part B: 1 Long Essay question in 35 minutes for 15% of exam score.

When is the AP European History Exam?

The AP European History exam date for the 2015/2016 school year is Friday, May 6th 2016 at 12 p.m. This test is only offered once per year.