AP Calculus

Our AP Calculus directory has links to the highest quality AP Calculus practice tests that will help you ace your AP Calc course. These test prep resources cover Calculus AB and Calculus BC. See below for our listing of free practice exams with a brief description of each one. Whether you are looking for AP Calculus free response questions, notes, practice tests, cram packets, or study guides, we have it all.

AP Calculus Practice Exams

Learnerator Calculus Practice.  Hundreds of free practice questions for Calculus AB and BC. Just pick the topic you’re working on and start practicing.

Varsity Tutors AB Practice and BC Practice.  Another huge collection of practice questions. These are organized by topic and difficulty ratings are included as well.

Released Exam AB 1988 and AB 1998.  The actual exams given to students in 1988 and 1998. These AP Calculus practice tests are perfect for your test prep.

McGraw Hill AB Test and BC Test.  These AP Calculus practice tests are based on the “5 Steps to a 5″ book from McGraw Hill, there are a total of 50 multiple choice questions here. Great review!

Sample Question for Calculus AB and for Calculus BC.  High quality interactive tests from Free Test Online. Multiple choice and free response questions.

Analyzemath Practice Test Questions.  Three seperate AP Calculus quizzes with a total of 49 questions for AB and BC. Answer key provided as well.

Practice Questions. Great collection of AP Calculus practice questions from the University of Houston. Complete with answers and solutions.  Just click on the topic and then click on “Help Materials.” They also have some more practice exams here.

AP Calculus Notes

Elaine Cheong’s Calculus AB Study Guide.  This 20 page Calculus guide is a great study resource.

Paul’s Online Math Notes.  Very complete AP Calculus notes for all calculus topics.  Well organized and clear explanations.

AB Notes.  Huge set of Calculus AB notes. Available in HTML or PDF files.

AP Calculus Free Response

Prior Year AB and Prior Year BC.  Actual AP Calculus free response questions from 1999 to 2014. Also includes scoring guidelines, sample responses, and score distributions.

Free Response Analysis.  This document from Lin McMullin analyzes each possible AP Calculus free response topic and lists what you need to know for each topic. At the end there is a chart that organizes all questions from 1998 to 2012 by topic.

AP Calculus Exam Prep

Exam Prep Ideas.  A great list of tips and strategies to review as you prepare for your AP Calculus exam.

Exam Strategy.  This document from Lin McMullin has some excellent exam prep tips as well as some good tactics for answering the multiple choice and free response questions.

Tips and Tricks.  Check out this slideshare presentation for AP Calc test taking tips.

Stuff you MUST know Cold.  Two page PDF cram packet for review of key concepts.

Cheat Sheet.  Everything you need to know about Calculus boiled down to 11 pages.

Final Review Sheet. This is a great 6 page review sheet that covers 66 problems. Be sure to check this one out while you prepare for your exam.

Highest-Rated AP Calculus Study Guide from Amazon

Be Prepared for the AP Calculus Exam. This book is definitely the best AP Calculus study guide that you can buy. Easy to read, clear explanations, and loads of practice problems.  Includes 5 full-length practice exams with answers and solutions. A 5-star rating at Amazon with tons of positive reviews.

Cracking the AP Calculus AB & BC Exams, 2014 Edition. This book from The Princeton Review is another great option. Includes a comprehensive review of all topics, formula cheat sheet, updated testing strategies, and 5 full-length practice exams.

AP Calculus Tutors

Calculus Tutors  For a listing of local AP Calculus tutors, be sure to check out WyzAnt. They have a huge network of tutors, so you should be able to find a great tutor nearby.

About the Exam

These courses focus on understanding the concepts of calculus and along with its methods and applications. Calculus BC is an extension of Calculus AB, covering all the same topics in AB plus additional topics. Both course are very challenging.

Calculus AB Topics:
1.) Functions, Graphs, & Limits
2.) Derivatives
3.) Integrals

Calculus BC Topics:
1.) Functions, Graphs, & Limits
2.) Derivatives
3.) Integrals
4.) Polynomial Approximations & Series

The AP Calculus Exam format is:
Multiple-Choice Section
Part A: 28 questions, calculator prohibited (55 minutes)
Part B: 17 questions, graphing calculator required (50 minutes)

Free-Response Section
Part A: 2 problems, graphing calculator required (30 minutes)
Part B: 4 problems, calculator prohibited (60 minutes)

In the free-response section students are required to show their work.  Methods, reasoning, and conclusions need to be presented. Complete sentences should be used that include explanations and justifications.

When is the AP Calculus Exam?

The AP Calculus AB and BC Exam date for the 2014/2015 school year is Tuesday, May 5th 2015 at 8 a.m. These tests are only given one time per year.