AP Physics B

Our AP Physics B practice test directory has links to the best online resources and notes that will help with your AP Physics review. Below you will find the best physics practice exams along with a detailed description of each one. Whether you’re looking for help with AP Physics B free response, multiple choice questions, study guides, or notes, you will find it all right here.

AP Physics B Practice Exams

Learnerator Quiz.  There’s a huge collection of challenging questions at Learnerator. Most are free, but you need to subscribe for full access.

1998 Released Exam.  This is the actual exam from ’98 that was released by the College Board. Lots of great questions to review and it will give you a feel for format and style of the exam.

Education.com Test.  An awesome full length AP Physics B practice test. Includes 70 multiple choice questions and 7 free response. Includes detailed explanations for the correct answers. A great study tool!

Giancoli Textbook Questions.  Hundreds of AP Physics B multiple choice. The companion website for the 6th edition of Physics: Principles with Applications by Giancoli. Select a chapter and then click on “practice questions” to get the chapter quiz.

Physics 8th Edition, 7th Edition, & 6th Edition.  Student companion site for Physics by Cutnell and Johnson. Plenty of good resources here for each chapter. The 6th and 7th sites have self-assessment tests with some good multiple choice practice questions.

Chapter Quizzes.  Student resources for Physics: Algebra/Trig (3rd Edition) by Eugene Hecht. There’s a tutorial quiz and a final exam for each of the 31 chapters.

Practice Problems.  An excellent series of practice problems from Education.com, organized by topic. Questions for each section are on page 1 and the answers with explanations are on page 2.

AP Physics B Notes

Mr. B’s Physics Planet.  These AP Physics notes are without a doubt the best ones available online. A complete set of PDF notes that summarize each topic very clearly!

AP Physics B Free Response

Previous Questions.  Here are all the AP Physics B free response questions from 1999 to 2013. Scoring guidelines are here as well.

How to Approach FRQ Section.  Some great strategies from Education.com for answering your AP Physics free response questions.

Preparing for the Exam.  This is an awesome strategy guide from Dolores Gende that gives tips for answering the multiple choice questions as well as the free response. Also available as a slideshare presentation.

AP Physics B Videos

Learn AP Physics.  A huge collection of videos that cover all the topics from Physics B.

Highest-Rated AP Physics Study Guides from Amazon

Cracking the AP Physics B Exam, 2014 Edition.  This is a great AP Physics B study guide from The Princeton Review. Clear explanations of key topics, helpful FRQ strategies, and 2 full-length practice tests.

5 Steps to a 5 AP Physics B, 2014 Edition.  This physics study guide has always had great reviews, and was just given a thorough update for 2014. Very simple and straight forward explanations along with a diagnostic test, 2 complete practice tests, and access to online quizzes.

About the Exam

Topics in Advanced Placement Physics B are in both classical and modern physics, and cover five content areas. Students need to be familiar with algebra as well as basic trigonometry. Calculus is not a prerequisite, but some basic calculus may be introduced in connection with certain topics.

Content Areas:
1.) Newtonian Mechanics
2.) Fluid Mechanics & Thermal Physics
3.) Electricity & Magnetism
4.) Waves & Optics
5.) Atomic & Nuclear Physics

The AP Physics B Exam format is:
Multiple-Choice Questions (90 minutes)
-70 multiple choice questions
Free-Response Questions (90 minutes)
-6 or 7 free response essay questions

The scoring of the exam is weighted equally between the multiple choice section and the free response section. Calculators are not permitted on the multiple choice section, but they are allowed on the free response section. Tables with common physics equations are also provided, and these can only be used on the free response section as well. Students are expected to show their work on all FRQ’s and partial credit is awarded for partial solutions. Failure to show work may result in a loss of credit even if the answer is correct.

When is the AP Physics B Exam?

The AP Physics B exam date for the 2013/2014 school year is Monday, May 12th 2014 at 12 p.m. This test is only given once per year and testing at any other time is not permitted.